What's in a name?

Published on 2019-10-25 / By Trefeddian Hotel


In the literal sense perhaps not that much

Welsh translation for Trefeddian as researched by the Place-Name Research Centre at Bangor University:

Tref - ‘farm’,’settlement’ and the personal name Meddian

However when we think of the sentiment and how thought provoking a name can be that leads us to a very different conclusion:

Tourism           playing a major role in promoting the local area & its many attractions

Relaxation       you only need to visit once to understand this and become a regular

Economy          by employing 48 staff mostly local it helps the infrastructure

Family             owned and run by the Cave-Browne-Cave family since 1907

Excitement      the thrill of a family holiday is second to none          

Dining             daily changing menu and local produce make it a real experience

Discovery        the coast and mountains of Snowdonia National Park await

Inspiring          confidence in our service and attention to the details of your stay                

Adventure       discover the range of facilities at the hotel & the great outdoors

Nurturing        the very essence of the hotel


Top tip from the mole@trefeddain - Never judge a book by its cover always dig a little deeper