Stay and Gaze

Published on 2024-02-21 / By Hammy@Trefeddian
There’s nothing more romantic than wrapping up warm and gazing up at the stars.
February is the perfect time of year to watch the sunset over the sea.  The crisp winter weather affords stunning sunsets unique to this time of year.  Once the sun goes down the sky alights with the most exceptional dark skies that you can imagine.   With no light pollution the Trefeddian is ideally located for star gazers and romantic couples wrapped up warm to gaze at the blanket of stars above.
Wales boasts the highest percentage of protected dark skies globally, with Eryri (Snowdonia) National Park being the largest Dark Sky Reserve in the UK.  Dark sky status is a prestigious award given by the International Dark Sky Association.  It is awarded to areas with outstanding night air quality and where substantial efforts are made to minimise light pollution.  We obviously had a head start when it comes to this, being in such a rural area surrounded by mountains and sea.
The skies are so clear here, there is no need for fancy equipment, you can see so much with just your naked eye.  During February you will be lucky enough to spy Orion, Taurus the Bull, Auriga and Gemini the Twins.  
So pack you woolly jumpers and bobble hats and get set for a romantic night on your balcony or on the terrace to gaze up above to enjoy a journey of peace and tranquillity on those stary stay nights!


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