Our Staff Experience...

Published on 2020-03-13 / By Pablo@Trefeddian

Beyond Breakout is the creation of Lorna and Jo, two people who are passionate about escape rooms who have had experience escaping and have now created their own adventure.

Stepping into Beyond Breakout’s Adventures in Puzzleland, as knights serving the White Queen, our quest is to break into the Red Queen’s castle moving room to room and solving the puzzles to steal back the Queen’s Crown, evading detection or it’s off with our heads!!!

You’ll be glad to know we escaped, with time to spare, not bad for our first time. We are looking forward to returning and tackling the Incubus Theme Room currently being built, they also have a custom built VR (Virtual Reality) room that we cannot wait to have a play with. 

Thank you Lorna and Jo for a great day!

Top tip from pablo@trefeddian use the lift!!!

For more information visit www.beyondbreakout.co.uk