Our Staff Experience At Dyfi Gin

Published on 2020-01-22 / By Hammy@trefeddian

As a ginoholic, I was very excited to be given the opportunity to visit Dyfi Gin and Distillery, based at Corris Craft Centre. 

A warm welcome was received on arrival and I was immediately enthralled with the fascinating map and information that tells the story of this unique gin.    

I opted to try the new Navigation Gin. Unbeknown to me, it was a whopping 57% volume - but don’t panic, I didn’t fall over! In fact, you wouldn't know it had such a high volume - the taste was absolutely amazing and, later on in the tour, I found out why. This little beauty is made in an ancient Madeira barrel with coastal botanicals foraged by the Dyfi Gin team - it took them a long time to perfect, but the outcome is incredible.  

A tour of the distillery followed, together with a very informative talk given by Danny. We were introduced to Pension (its unofficial name until it is formally christened). A very shiny, bright new piece of kit which is where the magic happens. You could see the love for the Still and the passion about the gin ooze out of Danny. I guess you can taste a bit of that love in every bottle, alongside the locally foraged goodies that make this gin taste so amazing.

For me though, the most interesting part of the tour was to smell and taste the four gins together. I had previously tried all the gins, except the new kid on the block, Navigation. But to be able to have them together really highlighted how unique they all are. I always thought Pollination was my favourite but I am now torn between Hibernation and Navigation.  And yes, I tried them neat - what an experience. Who needs tonic anyway?

We are incredibly fortunate to have Dyfi Gin on our doorstep and I highly recommend a visit - ginoholic or not.

Top Tip: Try the Navigation gin neat - it is like an explosion of the most beautiful marshmallows you have ever tasted.

A massive thank you to Danny at Dyfi Gin for arranging for the Front of House team to visit.