Celebrating World Poetry Day

Published on 2024-03-16 / By Hammy@trefeddian
World Poetry Day is celebrated around the world on 21st March every year.  Its aim is to promote the reading, writing, publishing and teaching of poetry.  To celebrate this special day, we share with you some poems written by our lovely guest about the Trefeddian over the years.
aberdovey golf club

Trefeddian Hotel

Firm as a rock do I standSurveying both sea and land.I’ve increased in girth and in heightSo now am a monarch of might.Put all brochures asideThere’s only one place to reside.Open the door and enter right inJust cast all your cares in the bin.Sign the book and pick up the key.Enter the lift and come up and seeWhich room will be yours.I now have four floorsMy staff are all willing and anxious to pleaseSo relax and just feel at your easeFrom seven o’clock your dinner awaitsAmazing what comes on the platesMost of my guests are very old friendsTheir love for the place never endsComing again and again and again.So great is my frameMy future’s secure for a hundred years moreSo pick up your case and enter the door.

Aberdyfi Beach Sunset


A Poem for our Centenary year in 2004

Between The Hills and Golden SandsA Hundred Year Old Gwesty StandsFor Golfers Driving of the TeeFor Children Paddling In the SeaFor Walkers on Their Hill Side Tracks(With Lots of Rain Water in Their Packs)For Those Who Think the Seas Too CoolThere’s Pleasure in the Heated PoolGuests Find a Welcome, Feel at EaseWith Friendly Staff Who Seek to PleaseGaze at the Dyfi, Sand and WavesAnd Raise Your Glass to the Cave-Browne-CavesDonald and Iris HarrisGrateful Guests of 20 Years

Trefeddian Hotel

Precious Moments
A green cascade spills towards the sea,Natures crown each leaf and tree.Paths unfold, small creatures hide,While high above a hawk will glide.
Standing safe within these foldsTrefeddian's charm and grace untoldHer beauty holds you in its spell,Saying, come dear friend, rest and dwell
Enter now, please step insideStaff will welcome, help and guide.Lift or stairs climb to your room.The view beyond will make you swoon.
So as she whispers to her guests,"Come share with me the very best"Each in turn with joy will find,A team of staff who are so kind
Fine lounges, books and chairs to rest,The peace of mind restoring zestWell-kept gardens all around,Such style and looks not often found.
Still more to come, can this be so?Good food and wine have yet to flow.Diner’s needs are met with care,The standard kept today is rare.
Those who stay, both young and old,Something new each day unfolds.It may be fun, or gentle sport,Or time in a chair, just spent in thought.
Refreshed restored and so content,Holiday time that's been well spentPrecious moments not to miss,Trefeddian holds the key to bliss.


By Patrick H Draper (Revd)

12th June 1998

Trefeddian Hotel

Trefeddian Hotel 

When Edward o'er an Empire reigned
With Boer War battles lately fought,
When folk with massive fortunes gained
From industry refreshment sought;
Where Meirionydd tranquil lay
And Dyfi's gushing rivers spilt,
O'er Cardigan's majestic bay
The finest Welsh hotel was built.
Through wars, depressions, storms and strikes
Trefeddian would stand supreme:
Deliveries arrived on bikes
While guests by Cambrian Railway came
Then, with our Forties' ration book,
For sun and sand we'd scrimp and save,
And so each year in August took
Our hols with Mrs Cave-Browne-Cave
No lifts or en-suite bathrooms then,
No special off-peak weekend deals
Ties always to be worn by men
When summoned by the gong for meals;
But morning tea to bedrooms bought,
Shoes cleaned outside our rooms by night:
The very highest standards sought
To each and every guests delight
And on the pristine putting-green,
Beneath the national flags unfurled,
For years we've played our rounds serene
Oblivious of the troubled world,
Or simply on the terrace sat,
With glass in hand or cup of tea,
To gaze in awe and wonder at
The views across the Irish Sea.
Another century now looms,
E'en more Trefeddian excels:
Each year we seem to find new rooms,
And tasty tales each menu tells
Efficient, ever-helpful staff
All understand our needs so well
The service comes with smile and laugh
And still it's Wales's best hotel.

Geoffrey Piper