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2017 is the Year of legends in Wales
If you love adventure, magic and mystery then a stay with us is a must to create your own legendary experiences

Clychau Aberdyfi “The Bells of Aberdovey”

This well-known folk song refers to the bells ringing from the lost kingdom of Cantre’r Gwaleod which legend says was lost beneath the sea. 
There are many versions of the story, the most renowned is that Cantre’s Gwaleod, the most fertile land in Wales was protected from the sea by a series of dykes.  Two princes of the realm held charge over the dyke. One of these princes, is described as a notorious drunkard, and it was through his negligence that the sea swept through the open floodgates, ruining the land.
Installed in 2011 Aberdyfi’s Time and Tide bell was installed to signify the legend.  At low tide sometimes the tree stumps of ancient forests are revealed dating to around 3500 BC.

Listen to the Bells of Aberdovey


Llyn Barfog “Bearded Lake”

Above the hills of Aberdovey you will find Llyn Barfog.  So called from the rushes fringing the shores of the lake this was one of the legendary homes of Afanc, the water demon which plagued Aberdyfi.  The beast would kill anyone who came too close to the lake, occasionally causing floods by thrashing its tail and plaguing local farmland.  King Arthur received an appeal to help and dragged the Afanc from the lake using a magical chain tied to his horse Llamrai.  In the struggle on the foreshore, Llamrai left a hoof print on the rocks, which can still be seen today.  The stone is known locally as Carn March Arthur “the stone of Arthur’s horse”. 

Discover Llyn Barfog and its legends with stunning views by taking this walk from our Walks Guide


Cader Idris “The Chair of Idris”

Near the Trefeddian you will find Cader Idris, one of Wales’s most iconic mountains. It is about 893m in height, standing at the southern gate of Snowdonia, overlooking Dolgellau.
There are numerous legends associated with this mountain and Idris, the giant whose seat it supposedly is. A few of the nearby lakes, such as Tal y Llyn are reputed to be bottomless, and those who venture up the mountain at night should take heed before sleeping on its slopes. It is said that those who sleep on the mountain will awaken either as a madman, a poet or indeed never wake again.Idris appears in many guises in the Welsh tradition, as giant, prince and astronomer. One of the tales told of the giant, is that sitting on his great chair one day, he felt pieces of grit inside his shoes which he removed and cast down the mountainside. The three large stones that rest at the foot of the mountain are said to be those annoying pieces of grit. 

Climbing Cader Idris is a challenging but rewarding walk to find out more click here

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